• Time For an Eye Exam?

    Most people should have an eye exam every year, with a few requiring more frequent appointments due to individual considerations. However, too many of us skip these important appointments and see our eye doctor far less frequently than we should. Even over the course of a year, your vision may change quite a bit, especially after the age of 50. Whether you see your eye doctor annually or not, it is important to understand when to schedule an exam whether for routine eye care or to screen for any potential problems.

    It’s Been a Long Time Since Your Last Appointment

    Ideally, you should have a comprehensive eye exam at least once per year. If it has been more than a year since your last appointment, or if it has been so long since your last appointment that you don’t remember the visit, it is definitely time to schedule your next exam. If you are diabetic, have hypertension, suffer from a vision or eye condition already, or if you have a family history of such conditions, it is even more important to schedule (and keep!) regular appointments with your ophthalmologist.

    You’re Experiencing Eye Irritation or Other Vision Problems

    Even if you see your eye doctor regularly, there are other occasions when scheduling an appointment might be a good idea. In particular, if you experience a sudden change in your vision or begin seeing spots, flashes of light, or floaters without obvious cause, you should see your eye doctor as soon as possible. These could indicate the sudden development of a number of vision conditions that must be treated as soon as possible to prevent further complications.

    You’re Having Difficulty With Everyday Activities

    Sometimes our everyday activities can cause our eye complaints, while at other times problems with our vision may interfere with our ability to take part in such activities. For those who spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer screen, it is not uncommon to experience eyestrain, headaches, or blurred vision after computer use. A visit to the eye doctor may help determine if you need glasses, a change to your current prescription, or if changing your habits may help. The same is true if you are having difficulty driving at night or reading street signs. If you find that you are holding books or the newspaper either further away or closer than usual, or if you have to squint to read clearly, you also may need to make some adjustments to your prescription or habits. Your eye doctor will be able to provide a thorough examination and make recommendations based on the findings during your appointment.

    You’ve Had a Head Injury or Other Significant Changes in Your Health

    Finally, anytime you experience a significant head trauma or other change in your health that may affect your vision, you should see your eye doctor. For example, if you hit your head while playing a sport or during a car accident, you may experience blurred or double vision as a result. Even if you are diagnosed with a concussion by an emergency physician or your own primary care doctor, it may be a good idea to have an eye exam as well. Motion sickness or dizziness may also indicate eye and vision related problems and should prompt you to see your eye doctor.

    The doctors at Cokingtin Eye Center are here to help keep your eyes healthy and preserve your vision. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms or problems listed above, please schedule an appointment right away. Your eye exams are important not only for monitoring your vision, but also for keeping an eye on your overall health and monitoring other conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. To schedule your next eye exam, call us at (913) 491-3737.

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